Microsoft Marches in Boston Pride 2012

Microsoft was alive with Pride Saturday for the 42nd annual Boston Pride Parade.  Dozens of employees, family, friends and fans marched behind the Microsoft banner handing out bags, Frisbees and t-shirts.  “The cheering and support we got from the crowd was overwhelming,” said Alan Norbauer, a Microsoft employee in the Sharepoint Workspace team (a division of Office).  “There were lots of nerdy computer jokes and playful back-and-forth like ‘Make my computer go faster’ and ‘I use Microsoft Word every day’ and ‘Yay computers!’ I probably heard 100 different shot-outs, all said with positive energy and big smiles,” added Alan.

Photo by Ryan Norbauer

People of ALL sexual preferences were celebrated as they walked 2.6 miles from Back Bay to City Hall Plaza. Though the event attracts thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender participants and spectators, there is always a solid representation of straight people as well. “No way would I miss out on this fabulous party just because I’m straight!” says Cara Williams, a 6 year veteran at Microsoft. “I’m so proud to work at a company that celebrates equality.”

“It was clear by the way people’s faces lit up that everyone was very happy to see such a well-organized and large Microsoft group in the parade.  I guess sometimes people don’t realize that all companies have LGBT employees. It’s great to work in an environment where I am accepted for who I am and valued for my professional contribution,” said Matt Feczko, a Sharepoint program manager.

Boston Pride Week 2012 was a huge success. See more pictures on our Facebook page. We hope you’ll march with us next year!

Photo by Ryan Norbauer


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