Jobcase and Youth HUB Boston Improve Young Adults’ Access to Meaningful Work

JobFair2016 - 50

Last month, Jobcase, a social media platform working to empower America’s workforce, and Microsoft New England, a local branch promoting research, software innovation and community in the heart of Kendall Square, partnered with Dorchester-based career-readiness nonprofit Youth HUB Boston, to host a youth job fair. The novel collaboration of tech companies and a local service organization ultimately connected over 400 attendees with more than 20 local employers.

The event was created to empower young people in their job search- to provide them with access to tools and resources to help them make their own best case to employers, to identify jobs that are the best fit for their skills and long-term career goals, and to increase opportunities for local employers to discover youth talent in underserved communities.

JobFair2016 - 1


Hosting the event at Youth HUB Boston’s headquarters in Dorchester’s Codman Square, Youth HUB, Jobcase, and Microsoft provided young job seekers with a range of career development resources. Upon arrival, job fair participants received a checklist of “keys to career development”, outlining elements crucial to both short and long term success in their career paths. Throughout the course of the event, attendees received guidance on preparing job applications and seeking references, best practices for resume writing, strategies for networking and advice on how to use online Jobcase career profiles to best showcase their talents. The Jobcase team helped attendees create and customize their own Jobcase career profiles, developing elements to best showcase their achievements from work experience, school, or volunteering. To further strengthen participants’ online career presence, Jobcase also provided free professional headshot photos – an important requirement for anyone looking to build a personal career brand. Ultimately, the most effective advantage provided may be the ability to connect to peers via the Jobcase network, which enables people to reach out to one another to offer or receive help, creating a path for neighbor-to-neighbor supported career success.

Microsoft generously donated Surface Tablets for use at the event, enabling attendees to easily access the Jobcase social media platform and more effectively network with each other and employers at the event. The tablets also enabled workshops to be hands-on and interactive, gave attendees the ability to easily take immediate steps to create their own professional profiles and helped them explore new resources and tools.

“The event was powerful because we were able to get youth talent and local employers in the same room,” noted Ayda Zugay, Youth HUB’s Interim Executive Director. “It was a visual representation of the need in our community for youth jobs, as well as the desire of local employers to see our youth as assets not liabilities. Jobcase and Microsoft played a key role in amplifying this effect well beyond the 400 attendees, to a community of over 10,000 – that is real systems change.”

With over 50 million members, Jobcase is a social media platform that empowers users to showcase and improve their work life and Youth Hub is a non-profit organization focused on youth employment and job readiness. Working together, they explained, the non-profit and tech communities can improve underserved communities’ access to crucial career resources. Through this novel collaboration, the partners have also created innovative approaches for empowering people to be successful in 21st-century career development. This is a great example of how local tech companies can “give back” most effectively, by powering non-profit organizations with the right tools for success.

“Getting started in your worklife, or career, can sometimes be a confusing and daunting task – we’ve all been there,” said Fred Goff, CEO of Jobcase, “By freely equipping young job seekers with the right digital tools, Jobcase not only empowers them to more effectively job search, but through the Jobcase platform, we are also able to introduce them to a community of people who have been in their shoes and can provide guidance on not just finding any job, but finding a great one. It’s those relationships that we hope will help them throughout their entire career.”

Microsoft’s contributions were also crucial to the success of the Youth Hub job fair which had over 400 attendees, nearly 200 employment applications, and over 100 youth who attended workshops such as resume writing, branding and networking, mock interviews and over 50 youth who left with professional profile photos. 

Jobcase is seeking additional opportunities to partner with nonprofit organizations to continue helping empower America’s workforce. If you are interested in working with, sponsoring, volunteering at, or attending a future Jobcase event, or would like to learn more about Jobcase and its Jobcase Cares Initiative, please contact myself, Christopher Scranton (, or head over to and join in the conversation!

Christopher Scranton is the Director of Corporate Development & Nonprofit Partnerships at Jobcase. He leads Jobcase Cares, the company’s initiative to provide big data technology to support collaborations with nonprofit, government, and industry partners that empower American workers. Prior to Jobcase, Christopher was Senior Manager for Big Data & Technology Initiatives for the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative. He led the Massachusetts Big Data Initiative’s efforts to support and grow business activity, research, collaboration, and innovation in big data, open data, and analytics across the region. Before MassBigData, Christopher led grant programs at MassTech focused on technology-based, cluster-focused economic development efforts in support of emerging and innovation-rich industries including advanced manufacturing, nanotech, digital games, and clean energy. Prior to his work for the state, he was Operations Director at City Year.

MassChallenge Takes On Microsoft Build Conference

2016-04-05 BUILD in SF.pptx (2)

Earlier this month, MassChallenge was thrilled to be one of the accelerators invited to attend Microsoft’s Build Conference in San Francisco, CA. While there were many exciting parts of the multi-day event, the highlight of our visit was spending time with Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella and a few other startup accelerators at an intimate round-table session.

Satya took a keen interest in making sure Microsoft was doing all they could to support startups and accelerators. One comment that stood out during the session was from a colleague at TechStars, who noted how their conversations with the company have shifted from focusing on selling software to truly selling solutions to startups. MassChallenge has also seen this shift and continued to be pleased with our partnership.

2016-04-05 BUILD in SF.pptx (1)

MassChallenge stood out among other accelerators due to our equity-free, non-profit model as well as our focus on global expansion. We were the only accelerator thinking globally and are excited to have Microsoft as an early supportive partner in 5 countries today, and hopefully 12 countries by 2020. The mission at MassChallenge–to do all we can to help startups win if it’s humanly possible–aligns with Microsoft’s mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Microsoft and are thankful for the opportunity to attend //build!

DigiGirlz Take on Massachusetts

DigiGirlz MA Work on Surface

DigiGirlz logoOn Friday, April 1st 2016, our New England Campus of Microsoft held our annual DIGIGIRLZ DAY at our Kendall Square office with our largest group yet –  175 attendees, providing middle and high school girls with a better understanding of careers in technology and how technology can simply be fun! Attendees came from Boston, North and South Shore, Central MA, and as far away as Cranston, Rhode Island thanks to Lorilyn Hall and Dino Ciccone who helped get their local school to attend.

We had a great day using Twitter #DigiGirlzMA with contests and ending with raffling off great prizes including a Surface:

We started off the day with an inspiring video from our International Women’s Day Campaign #MAKEWHATSNEXT GIRLSDOSCIENCE.  The video’s goal is to inspire young women around the globe to get interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), and Computer Science in particular, as a path for advancing their education and as a way to empower them to achieve more.

Students were engaged in workshops featuring everything from hands-on coding sessions to talking about careers and internships.  Sessions included:

Metter Media Social Media Class

  • Making their own original piece of music with Stagelight on surfaces taught by Eliza Mulcahy, Lisa Casillo & David Swenson & additional store staff from the local Microsoft Stores in Boston, Natick and Burlington to an Hour of Code Programming Concepts with DX’s Gavin Bauman to a valuable Career Discussion with college interns, University Recruiter, and Foundry Program Manager from our campus FOUNDRY program, specifically lead by Ben Fersenheim and Maddy Leger.
  • After a break for lunch, we had a unique speaker, Senior Curator of Textiles & Fashion Arts, Lauren Whitley from the Museum of Fine Arts, one of our local non-profit partners, to talk about their new exhibit #TECHSTYLE.  The exhibit includes clothes that respond to the environment, ingeniously constructed from recycled materials, and garments that come off a 3-D printer ready to wear-all of these innovations are poised to have a profound impact on the future of the fashion industry. Designers have embraced these innovations and “#techstyle” explores how the synergy between fashion and technology is not only changing the way designers design, but also the way people interact with their clothing.  The Museum was gracious enough to give VIP tickets to all attendees to visit the exhibit in person.
  • Ending the day, students learned the right way to use social media with a Social Media Workshop with Social Media Strategist & Entrepreneur, Lauren Metter, Sarah Ribeiro and team from Metter Media.  They also were excited to see our innovation/future in technology at the MTC’s Envisioning & Interactive Center with Craig Dillon and Chad Gronbach.


The students left with plenty of resources to use to further their curiosity in technology. Special thanks to others involved in helping to make our event a success: Jenn Kwiatkowski, Fara St. Clair, Aster Hishe, Elizabeth Shea, Carl Thibeault and John Harlow.

Recap: Female Founders Night at Roxbury Innovation Center’s Café Night

Photo via Erica Orthmann, LaunchSquad

Photo via Erica Orthmann, LaunchSquad

This month, the Café Nights at the Roxbury Innovation Center featured a phenomenally accomplished panel of Female Founders.  The specific panelists included: Jana Eggers, CEO of Nara Logics, Elsa Sze, CEO of Agora Town Hall, Donna Levin, Co-Founder of Bobbie Carlton, Founder of Innovation Women, Nicole Castillo, Founder of BeVisible Latina and Susan Windham-Bannister, President and CEO of Biomedical Growth Strategies LLC.  After listening to these entrepreneurial women, the Microsoft New England Team wanted to blog about the invaluable advice they offered other founders.  Below, we documented the most important values that each founder shared with the audience.  While we wish we could have recorded every bit of wisdom they espoused, this condensed summary will have to do…

Jana Eggers

Jana spoke at length about time management and balance.  It is arduous to have both a full time job and a fledgling start-up.  Founders need to make tough calls about when they will allocate time for the new venture and understand the opportunity costs of not being present for other aspects of their lives.  This will always be a challenge for any new founder, but can certainly be more difficult for female founders.  Jana suggested ruthlessly prioritizing what is most important and then allowing everything else to be second to that goal.

Elsa Sze

Elsa elaborated on how a founder can “bootstrap” an entire entrepreneurial operation.  Elsa was particularly successful in this respect and also worked with “angle investors”.  

Furthermore, Elsa said, “Never limit yourself”, which is a valuable mantra to have when starting a business.  Part of the reason that Agora was incredibly successful was that Elsa truly believed in the concept behind the company and her confidence in the venture fueled her to seek out every opportunity she could find.  

Donna Levin

Donna noted that universities and colleges are all interested in innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems: they’re innovation hubs!  Educational environments also host conferences and forums through which founders can connect with other professionals in their respective industries and get advice from professors.  (As an aside, we’re lucky to be in an intellectual mecca in Cambridge/Boston with the plethora of universities and funding!)

Bobbie Carlton

Bobbie stressed the importance of having your finances in order before you start a business.  While this advice may seem obvious, she clearly articulated a problem with which many founders struggle.  Bobbie also mentioned how important it is to think about your company as an asset and to have a plan as to how your business will make a profit.

A piece of advice that really resonated with us was “Own what you know, be confident in what you know and learn about areas that are uncomfortable for you”; this candor is incredibly helpful to new founders.

Nicole Castillo

Nicole explained how social media is a helpful tool when activating a “network”.  It is important to be visible, facilitate conversations and engage your customers.  Social media is a versatile (and often free!) platform that can be used to spread messages with ease.  Many founders do not know how to successful tap into the power of social media and therefore their venture suffers from a lack of exposure.  Nicole suggested working on a way to “craft a message” about the product that would stand out on a social media platform.

Roxbury Innovation Center’s next Café Night will be held April 26, exploring the Veteran Entrepreneur. More info can be found here.

Microsoft New England Picks: 6 Not-To-Miss Events This Week

Events 4-11-2016

Boston is busy this week, with Marathon Monday a week away and Red Sox Opening Day kicking off the spring season. Athletics aside, we’ve gathered some of our top local events in civic tech, STEM, and more:

EdVestors1) Edvestors 2016 Urban Education Showcase
Monday, April 11, 4pm — 7pm
District Hall | 75 Northern Ave | Boston
Twitter: @EdVestors | 

The 2016 Urban Education Showcase will center around solution-seekers and their best ideas for improving schools. Nine new school-based projects that have received investments of $10,000 each from EdVestors in 2016. They will join us at the Showcase to share their work and a handful of the most promising projects will go in-depth about how they got their breakthrough ideas, what they’ve learned so far, and the potential their work has for transforming urban education.

2) The Future of Big Data Tech Talk
Monday, April 11, 6pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Boston
Twitter: @MSNewEngland

We live in an extraordinary time for data. In our mobile-first world, we have a multitude of devices — phones, IoT sensors, computers — capturing every step, touch, decision and action we take. In a cloud-first world, we have incredible data storage and processing capabilities to capture this torrent of data, analyze & combine them, share insights with others, and drive automated learning. The result is new productivity experiences where we are limited only by our data dreams and ability to imagine value from the data we possess.

epicenter3) Party with the Evolutionaries: Epicenter Community Launch Party
Tuesday, April 12, 6:30pm — 9pm
Minibar | 51 Huntington Ave | Boston
Twitter: @epicentercom

Join founder Malia Lazu and clandestine community supporters in the celebration of the launch of Epicenter Community!

For over 3 years we have created some exciting programming together. Programming that has had real impact in Boston, from helping launch over 14 local businesses to increasing the number of restaurants and restaurateurs of color through increasing the number of liquor licenses in Boston. Future Boston successful program is now being housed under a new organization, Epicenter Community.

Epicenter Community simply represents the next logical evolution of the work and impact that Future Boston has imparted in Boston. Future Boston’s programming will continue under Epicenter Community.

CSF4) Celebrate Science: 2016 Cambridge Science Festival Kick-Off Party
Thursday, April 14, 5:30pm — 7:30pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Boston
Twitter: @CSFtweets |  | @kendallnow

The Cambridge Science Festival is an annual 10-day celebration of science, technology, engineering, art and math in Cambridge and New England.  Come celebrate the 10th anniversary science festival, April 15-24See the full agenda here!

To kick-off this year’s festival, Microsoft, MassBio and MassBioEd are hosting a Kendall Square Association “Almost” Third Thursday celebration event. Join us to meet some of innovators behind the Festival’s 170+ events, try out some experiments, network with the STEAM community, and celebrate the science of Kendall Square!

stars-of-stem_logo5) 2016 Stars of STEM Celebration
Thursday, April 14, 6pm — 9pm
Museum of Science Boston | 1 Science Park | Boston
Twitter: @museumofscience

Presented at the Museum’s annual gala, The Stars of STEM Award recognizes individuals, foundations, and corporations that are leading the way in helping the Museum of Science and other institutions educate the next generation of scientists and engineers.

soda-drinker6) Soda Drinker Pro Xbox One Launch Event
Friday, April 15, 6:30pm — 9pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Boston
Twitter: @SodaDrinkerPro

It’s been almost 3 years in the making and the game is finally coming out on Xbox One!

We hope you can join us for our launch party with games food drinks and fun!

The event is free you just need to RSVP via the ticket link to get in!

Recap: 2016 Microsoft Build Developer Conference


Every year, our development team meets with other developers worldwide for the Microsoft Build Developer Conference. Over three days, we explore new technologies, new ideas, and ways we can make our communities better through product and software development.

This year, we were thrilled to host Build in San Francisco, where partners, friends, and employees came together to celebrate Microsoft technology and move forward as developers. With plenty of exciting announcements throughout the conference, be sure to catch up via video here.

Here are some of our favorite Build moments, told via tweet:

Conversation in Civic Innovation: Enabling Youth Employment

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 4.14.36 PM

As summer approaches, young people across Greater Boston will be out of school and seeking meaningful employment.  The Mayor’s offices in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and other cities have established thoughtful summer jobs programs; additionally, new technology tools are being developed to help connect youth to jobs. Ensuring graduates can find jobs that match their interests and skill sets requires a cross-sector approach from government, private sector and the non-profit space. This event will explore the opportunities and challenges in youth employment, and address the following questions:

  • How can the city partner with local companies to enable youth employment?
  • How do we enable youth to connect summer job experience to future career opportunities?
  • What is the role of technology in connecting youth to jobs?
  • How do we scale youth employment resources to reach municipalities across Massachusetts?

Join us to discuss this crucial economic development topic.


  • Shari Davis, Department of Youth Engagement & Employment, City of Boston
  • Ayda Zugay, YouthHUB
  • Matt Cloyd, MAPC
  • Christopher Scranton, Jobcase
  • Moderator: Aimee Sprung, Civic Engagement Manager @ Microsoft

In coordination with the Venture Café Foundation, the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center will convene a Conversation on Civic Innovation on April 20, 2016, 5:30PM – 7:30PM at Roxbury Innovation Center.

Register Today: Click Here.

About Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center New England:
The Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center aims for Microsoft to be “of” the community, not just exist within it. Through the Innovation and Policy Center we are extending beyond the tech community to:

  • Connect stakeholders from tech to the broader business, academic and government communities;
  • Catalyze important technology and public policy discussions, and;
  • Contribute more directly with the health and vitality of greater New England.

About Venture Café Foundation
The Venture Café Foundation is a non-profit whose mission consists of three pillars:

  • Building and connecting communities of innovation
  • Expanding the definition of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Building a more inclusive innovation economy

The Venture Café Foundation enhances and accelerates the innovation process through:

  • Spaces for individuals and organizations to gather, tell stories, and build relationships, such as Venture Café at CIC in Cambridge, District Hall and soon the Roxbury Innovation Center.
  • Programs that create connections, such as Captains of Innovation and the Innovation Visitor Bureau.
  • Conversations and events that expand an understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, such as the Innovation and the City conference and Civic Innovation Series.

Microsoft New England Picks: 6 Not-To-Miss Events This Week

We’re ready to say goodbye to the snow and melt into spring with civic tech! Here are our top picks for events you don’t want to miss this week:

StartupJobFairBoston1) Boston Startup Job Fair
Tuesday, April 5, 12pm — 5pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Cambridge
Twitter: @StartupJF | @MSNewEngland | #BosStartupJobFair

The Startup Job Fair LLC was founded in 2010, in New York City during the height of the recession. While college or professional career fairs attracted many large corporations, startups were either overlooked or did not have the resources to attend multiple career fairs every quarter. The Startup Job Fair has now become a nationwide event resource to connect the region’s hottest startups with top talented job seekers. The Boston Startup Job Fair aims to connect talented job seekers with the best Boston and Massachusetts area startups. This event will bring together undergraduates, graduate students, and seasoned professionals to one event exclusively for startups.

District Hall Cafe Night2) First-Ever Café Night @ District Hall
Wednesday, April 6, 3pm — 7:30pm
District Hall | 75 Northern Ave | Boston
Twitter: @districthall

The monthly Café Nights @ District Hall are energetic and dynamic events where innovators and entrepreneurs can find one another and collaborate to bring their dreams to reality. These regular gatherings provide a space for conversations and scheduled programs to inspire a wide range of attendees from different backgrounds and industries to connect, share ideas, and grow their ventures. The Café is open to all members of the innovation community.

Perks3) 2016 PERKS Convention
Thursday, April 7, 5pm — 8pm

Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Cambridge
Twitter: @CorpPerks

The coolest services you can provide for your employees, period.

PERKS brings together creative solutions for the office that improve workplace culture, create convenience, and increase happiness.

For the 3rd year in a row, the PERKS Convention is a showcase of the coolest on-site services for your office. For one night we bring together the most fun and impactful providers working in health & wellness, convenience, food & beverage, facilities and entertainment. PERKS gives the opportunity for companies to see the most innovative and unique on-site services available!

RIC-wordmark-300x774) Center for Women and Enterprise: Community Entrepreneurs Business Planning Program
Thursday, April 7, 6pm — 9pm

Roxbury Innovation Center | 2300 Washington Street, 2nd Floor | Boston
Twitter: @RoxburyInno

Work with other entrepreneurs and experts to build a business plan! The mission of this program is to support residents and businesses in Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan to pros- per through entrepreneurship and business ownership. Men and women welcome! Free for qualified Dorchester, Roxbury, Mattapan business owners and residents.

devboston5) Jason Haley: Azure WebJobs In Depth
Friday, April 8, 6pm
Microsoft Technology Center | 1 Cambridge Center | Cambridge
Twitter: @DevBostonDotOrg

Azure websites offer the ability to run programs or scripts in the background (on the same resources you already pay for with the website). Last year, I presented WebSites and WebJobs – this time I want to get to the detail of WebJobs to help you understand what problems it can solve for you.

bevisible6) BeVisible Boston Launch
Saturday, April 9, 7pm — 10pm
Plug Cambridge – Coworking | 618 Cambridge Street | Cambridge
Twitter: @bevisiblelatina | #BeVisibleBoston

Join us as we celebrate the launch of BeVisible Boston. Hear about the nation-wide social networking and career-building site for Latinx Millennials, now based out of Boston, which was recently named by NBC News as one of the top websites for Latina professionals and entrepreneurs.

Enjoy celebratory drinks and snacks, and a complimentary pop-up professional headshot, courtesy of EmVision Productions.

Space is limited. Get your ticket now!

Join us for “The Future of Big Data”

Join Us on Monday, April 11th at 6pm for “The Future of Big Data” Tech Talk at Microsoft New England R&D Center featuring Corporate Vice President, T.K. Rengarajan.

We live in an extraordinary time for data.  In our mobile-first world, we have a multitude of devices — phones, IoT sensors, computers — capturing every step, touch, decision and action we take.  In a cloud-first world, we have incredible data storage and processing capabilities to capture this torrent of data, analyze & combine them, share insights with others, and drive automated learning. The result is new productivity experiences where we are limited only by our data dreams and ability to imagine value from the data we possess.

AGENDA includes:

  • Open networking, Food/drinks
  • Guest Speaker: T.K. Rengarajan + Demo, Raffle
  • Meet Microsoft Teams

Attendance is free but Registrations are due by next Friday, April 8:

T.K. “Ranga” Rengarajan, a Corporate Vice President within Technology and Research in Microsoft is responsible for global aspects of engineering. Among his responsibilities are all Microsoft Global Development Centers located in China, India, Israel, New England, Silicon Valley and Vancouver, the Garage program to drive grass root innovation and advanced technology projects in the areas of system and performance. Ranga and his teams are responsible to ensure Microsoft attracts, trains and retains the best talent in the world. Previously, Ranga led engineering for Microsoft’s Database and Big Data businesses driving significant cultural transformation in the Data Platform team, notably in focusing on execution, faster innovation and delighting customers. His leadership was instrumental in growing the service culture in SQL DB and launching and growing the full complement of Azure data services – Data Lake, DocumentDB, Search, SQL DW, HDInsight on Linux.

Before Microsoft, Ranga held senior leadership positions at SAP, Wily, Sybase, Digital Equipment Corporation and at several Silicon Valley startups. At SAP, he was responsible for the Business Analytics and Hana applications. Before that, he ran Wily’s application management solutions. He also has held executive positions in engineering, operations, and support at Silicon Valley startups focused on customer experience management, wireless, security, and internet messaging services. Earlier in his career, Ranga ran database server development for Sybase, Inc. At Digital Equipment Corporation, Ranga was among the youngest individuals elected as a Distinguished Engineer and set the world record in transaction processing with Oracle Rdb product in the TPC-A benchmark, resulting in papers and patents.

Ranga holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin. He lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and two daughters.

Microsoft New England Picks: 4 Not-To-Miss Events This Week

Events 3-28-16
…Out like a lamb! Celebrate the end of March with our top picks for events you don’t want to miss this week:

shegeeksout1) She Geeks Out Monthly Event sponsored by AthenaHealth and Appcues
Tuesday, March 29, 6pm — 9pm
Hatch Fenway Offices | 401 Park Drive | Boston
Twitter: @shegeeksout

Please join AthenaHealth, Appcues and She Geeks Out at The Hatch Fenway for a fun night of learning, networking, eating and drinking! You’ll walk away with more knowledge, new connections, and a full belly!

BATSA2) Boston Area Talent Sourcing Association (BATSA) free learning event 
Wednesday, March 30, 6pm — 9pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Cambridge
Twitter: @BATSACommunity

How to Take Control of Your Sourcing and Recruiting Data

BATSA is thrilled to welcome Andrew Gadomski for an evening of data, metrics and talent analytics. He’ll help us get a handle on one of the most difficult (and often untouched) parts of recruiting and sourcing. The data and metrics on tap for the evening will enable you to turn your sourcing methodology, hiring manager and leadership presenting skills right on its head (along with some newly gained respect!). Andrew Gadomski, CEO of Aspen Advisors is one of the world’s renowned talent analytics geeks: a sought-after professional, super bad-boy data freak.

tcn-logo3) TCN’s UPSTART Roundtable: Women Founders with Felicia Jadczak from She Geeks Out
Thursday, March 31, 6:30pm — 7:30pm
Venture Cafe | 1 Broadway | Cambridge
Twitter: @TCNupdate

TCN UpStart Roundtables are monthly gatherings at the Venture Cafe that bring together Boston-area early-stage startups and seasoned entrepreneurs. This free series with The Capital Network, Venture Cafe, and Silicon Valley Bank is a great opportunity for you to ask burning questions about starting a company and meet other like-minded entrepreneurs in a casual cafe setting.

This week we welcome Felicia Jadczak, co-founder of She Geeks Out, a Boston-based organization on a mission to provide a safe space for women in STEM to connect and learn from each other.

Sport-Social-Change4) Sport for Social Change
Friday, April 1, 8am — 1:30pm
Microsoft New England R&D Center | 1 Memorial Drive | Cambridge
Twitter: @DocWayneDtG

Join leaders from sports, mental health, and social justice to learn about the work of like minded individuals and nonprofits, exchange ideas, and explore ways to work together to strengthen the communities we serve.